Metabolic Testing

Are you interested in losing weight, but want to make sure you are consuming the right amount of food for weight loss?  Consider having your metabolic rate tested.  At Nutrition Coaching Center, we utilize an indirect calorimetry test to measure your resting metabolic rate.  This test provides valuable information for those interested in losing weight by helping to provide a targeted goal for caloric intake. 

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An RMR test takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Patients simply breath into the portable device and your RMR will be measured and displayed.  Combined with a customized meal plan, an RMR test can provide valuable information to help your reach your health and fitness goals. 

How to prepare for the test?  Patients should avoid food, exercise, and caffeine 4 hours prior to the test.  In addition, patients should avoid nicotine within 1 hour of the test.  We recommend that patients bring a snack to eat following the test. 

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