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processed foods and weight loss

One simple tool to handle cravings?

What is a simple, but powerful tool to handle cravings? I’ve used this strategy for years losing and keeping off 30 lbs. It’s called the ...
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Nutritionist Lutherville-Timonium MD | Nutrition Coaching Center

My favorite positive self talk mantra

Super powerful self talk to repeat daily! “I am getting fitter, stronger, healthier every day, week, month, year, decade of my life! To be the ...
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Eat greens to lose weight?

Top 5 Benefits of Eating More Unprocessed Foods

Top benefits of eating unprocessed whole foods. 1. Higher in nutrients than processed foods. 2. Your body burns more calories eating them. 3. More satisfying ...
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Lose weight eating whole foods

Do whole foods help you lose weight?

Benefits of eating whole, unprocessed foods as the foundation of your intake? Better for weight loss. We tend to eat less calories overall when we ...
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How to boost your metabolism?

How to improve your metabolism?

How to improve your metabolism? Eat more whole, unprocessed foods. Whole fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, etc.  Limit processed foods like flour products, sugar products and ...
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Strive for continuous improvement over time

Mindset strategies for health optimization and weight loss

Mindset strategies for health and weight loss: Strive for… Continuous improvement over time instead of an all or nothing mindset. Persistence towards your goals despite ...
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