"I can honestly say that working with Kevin was a life changing event. The diet world is so unnecessarily confusing, but Kevin simplifies everything with a few basic principles that are truly transformative. He has completely altered the way I look at food, my diet and exercise. No longer do I feel that food is the enemy or exercise is a chore. Kevin's support helped me easily reach my goals as I lost over 30 pounds. My cholesterol levels also dropped by 32 points. His commitment to my healthy lifestyle was instrumental in helping me succeed."

~Elizabeth Z.

I sought out Kevin shortly after Jan 1 to help see through my goal of SUSTAINED weight loss. By July I had lost 40 lbs and now, almost November, it is still off, all of it. I don’t feel like I am on a diet, I eat whatever I want, and the weight has stayed off. He has given me the tools I need to live a long, happy, healthy life. Kevin is enthusiastic and professional. For me, I felt best seeing him more frequently at first - every week or two. Then less frequently later - every 2 -4 weeks. Perhaps one of the most important lessons I learned in his office was that if I had a bad day, week, even month, all was not lost. He kept me on track with unwavering support. Do yourself a favor and call Kevin. Hell, call him right this second while you are thinking about it. Set up an appointment and let him help you too.
— James C.

"After a year of limited success trying several diets including the Zone and Atkins, I came to Kevin. I never went hungry and I enjoyed what I was eating. For the first time I felt like I wasn't a "square peg" trying to fit in a "round diet." Kevin also worked closely with my exercise regimen, so that there was a strong synergy between what I was eating, and what I was doing in the gym. I dropped 40 pounds and participated in my first sprint-distance triathlon. I could not be happier with the results I've achieved or with the role Kevin played in getting me there."

~Chris D. 

Hi Kevin,

I wanted to let you know that after my last checkup appointment, my cholesterol went down another 50mg/dL. From 284 one year ago, to 232 six months ago to 189mg/dL today (which is back in the norm). Namely LDL went down from 207 to 122, and triglycerides from 109 to 50. I will keep the momentum going, see how much better it can get.

— V.M.
I reached out to Kevin to help me reach my sport’s goals. During our initial consultation, Kevin helped me identify additional health benefits that we could achieve for long term health while meeting my sports goals, an added bonus with 1 approach. Kevin was very responsive in setting up an appointment with me and gave me a thorough explanation as to a clear path forward and written plan in nutrition to help me lighten up while not sacrificing muscle. His approach was very achievable and sustainable that mainly consisted of a few simple fixes, no fad diets, or flavor of the month meal plans. Everything he suggested is readily available at the grocery stores and can easily be built into your already busy life. Kevin took baseline weight measurements as well as BMI numbers and visceral fat data and explained how the diet changes would help not only achieve my goals but be healthier long-term, a must for my profession as a firefighter. He also was very flexible in scheduling follow up appointments to check progress and responded to emails quickly. Kevin’s office is at a convenient, and easy to get to location, right off 83 in Timonium. I would highly recommend reaching out to him to see how he could help. I look forward to working with him in the future to maintain a good diet and healthy lifestyle.
— Ben S.
KEVIN IS THE GREATEST! I went to kevin to lose some weight and he changed my life. He doesn’t just tell you what to eat like many coaches. He explains why your eating the food and actually teaches you nutrition. His coaching has not only changed what I eat, but how I look at food as a whole. My whole lifestyle has changed. I have lost 36lbs in 3 months and I couldn’t be happier.
— Nick D.
Prior to working with Kevin at Nutrition Coaching, my blood sugar readings were out of control. I would spike very high and then inject insulin to correct the high and then go very low and eat food to raise my levels. Once I met with Kevin at Nutrition Coaching, through his direction, I was able to lower by blood sugar readings from waking up in the 250’s to waking up closer to 100. During the day, when my sugar would spike close to 300, Kevin’s advice on what food combinations to eat allowed me to stay stable and closer to normal blood sugars than ever before. Learning the correct way to combine carbs, fiber, and protein and understanding how to count the carbs correctly through Kevin’s insight, truly saved my life!
— Barb P.
I always thought adapting to a healthier lifestyle would result in a rigid diet of boring foods, feeling hungry all the time and exercising non-stop but Kevin has showed me that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t hold the dreadful connotation a lot of us assume! Since adapting a healthier lifestyle through Kevin’s coaching I have lost 30lbs but even more than that I have gained energy, confidence, and a new mindset on what it means to be healthy and what it takes to get there (and stay there!) Kevin is knowledgeable, kind, supportive, and willing to be there for you every step of the way (even if it feels like you’re taking steps backwards throughout your journey). I take pride in the discipline I have been able to put towards my personal health goals but I attribute a lot of my success to Kevin’s extensive knowledge and unwavering support.
Highly, highly recommend!
— Sara W.

"I have struggled with food for as long as I can remember. I had been to see other nutritionists before, but their advice was either too confusing or too complicated. Some plans were too restrictive. Then I met Kevin. He slowly helped me transform my attitude and my habits towards food. What helped was not only Kevin's ability to work within my dietary likes and dislikes, but also that he was incredibly positive and motivational. I've gone down two sizes, and for the first time in my life, I feel free from the obsession with food. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

~Alexandra S.

On my first visit Kevin designed an eating plan with foods that I enjoyed. I have lost at least 50 lbs. I eat healthy, my energy level has increased. I feel 100% better. Physically and mentally. During my visits, I found out that my body had a lot of inflammation due to an autoimmune problem. Kevin gave me pointers and nutritional information to help with that issue too. I Have already recommend him to others.
— Paul B.

"I'd wanted to lose 15 pounds for three years, but no matter how much or how hard I exercised, I just couldn't take off the weight. After meeting with Kevin for nutritional guidelines, I was able to adjust my eating habits and choices immediately and comfortably. Working within a flexible, sensible, healthy and satisfying plan of eating, I was able to lose the weight I wanted and maintain my new diet with ease."

~Roxanne D.

During our sessions, Kevin has given me excellent advice on nutrition. I am pleased to say that since I have met him, I have lost all the weight that I had intended to lose, 16 pounds. I can whole heartedly recommend Kevin Grodnitzky to anyone who desires to improve their health and fitness."

~Fern H. 

Highly recommended… A few years ago when I began training for my half marathon, I lost 10 pounds… however once I stop… the weight crept back… I was still exercising but not at the intensity and could not drop the weight. At my first appointment, Kevin and I sat down… talked about my goals, my exercise and my food intake. He developed a daily calorie intake for me based on what I liked to eat with options. I have since modified the food slightly but kept to the daily calorie intake. Four months and I am down 10 pounds…

I then brought my daughter in to see him… she is a high school athlete… with Kevin’s knowledge, he was able to focus on her goal- stay trim but eat correctly based on practice, games, etc. She was so pleased when she left.

Kevin’s knowledge and education is the key to his success; so many life coaches are not licensed nutritionist therefore their knowledge is limited to the program or the plan… Kevin knowledge and education allows him to assess your situation and create a plan for you and your goals while eating real food at home and out.
— Jennifer K.
Hi Kevin, wanted to let you know that I just went to doc and got my A1C and it was 5.5 (previously 6.7). That’s fantastic obviously and your guidance made it possible. Thanks!!!
— R.W.
I sought out Kevin’s help after going to the doctors and realizing I was over 150lbs at 5ft 2. I had struggled with my weight since my PCOS diagnosis and was pre-diabetic and battling high cholesterol. I had also tried every diet out there with temporary or few results. I met with Kevin at the end of July of 2018 and since then, my health and wellbeing have completely changed! Kevin took the time to educate me about the food I was putting into my body and how I could make practical and reasonable changes to improve my health and wellness. Best of all, he created a meal plan specific to the foods I enjoy eating. I won’t lie, changing my ways at the beginning was difficult. Fortunately, Kevin was consistently there to motivate and guide me in the right direction. I can happily say that 8 months later, I am down 26lbs. My PCOS symptoms improved, my cholesterol is the best it’s ever been, I am no longer pre-diabetic, and I feel amazing! I am so thankful for Kevin for teaching me NOT to diet, but HOW to positively change my lifestyle.
— Emily C.

"I have lost 10 lbs and am keeping it off with no trouble. In fact, losing inches now seems much easier after increasing my lean muscle and the dietary information you taught me. I'm down to a 33-inch waist!! Our goal once was 34!"

~Alan S.

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