Dealing with hunger with weight loss? My 9 favorite tips!

How to overcome self sabotage during weight loss?

9 tips for handling hunger:

1. Have a simple food/meal plan daily that becomes a habit and plan for non routine days.
2. Eat a high water diet: 50-75% fruits and non starchy veggies to fill up without excess calories.
3. Keep your house stocked with healthy food.
4. Keep unhealthy food out of the house as much as possible.
5. Be active. Strive to exercise daily if possible.
6. Strive to stay out of the kitchen during non meal times when possible.
7. Find non food ways to reward yourself and handle stress: a good book or show, activity, music, walks, exercise or anything else.
8. Drink water, tea or other non calorie beverages.
9. If you slip, learn from the slip for next time. Avoid shame, blame and guilt.

Have a healthy day


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