Does Positive Self Talk Improve our Health?

While nutrition and physical activity are two vital pillars in your request to reach your healthiest self along with losing and keeping off excess weight, behavior and mindset strategies are equally important.

Using positive self talk, aka autosuggestion, to retrain your brain to start thinking and acting like a health and fitness person is a powerful tool in your toolbox. Your new expectation is that you are a health and fitness person and do the things that health and fitness people do. We use auto suggestion, a term coined by Napoleon Hill, the success author from the early 20th century, to remodel our mindset and ultimately ramp up our results.

What is autosuggestion or positive self talk? Autosuggestion is the concept of using repeated statements about ourselves to remodel our mindset in the direction of where we want to go. If someone is constantly saying that they can never lose weight, are fat, that they always regain weight, struggle with eating healthy, that they love junk food and hate healthy food, can’t journal, don’t have time to exercise or prep food, or hate exercise for example, how successful do you think they will be in their pursuit of their health and fitness goals? They are literally telling themselves that they can not succeed, which is not a formula for success. There is the view that if you set goals and combine them with positive self talk (auto suggestion), that our brains will start to look for and see opportunities to help us accomplish our goals. If I say that I exercise every day, then I will start to look for ways to fit exercise into my daily schedule. On the contrary, if I say that I never have time for exercise, very likely I won’t.

How to get started? Create a tiny habit to read and/or say aloud with positive energy and expectation, multiple positive self talk statements daily such as as the following:
1. I love to eat healthy!
2. I make time to shop, prep, pack, journal, eat healthy and exercise!
3. I take time for my health and for self care.
4. I love how I feel when I exercise!
5. I lose weight and keep it off!
6. I am a health and fitness person!
7. I don’t diet, but rather strive to get a little healthier every day!
8. If I slip, the next meal or snack I get right back on track, and learn from the slip for next time!
9. I am on an incredible journey to create my healthiest self!
10. I am going to live to 100 years old, fit, strong and healthy!
Say these or other similar statements with a mix of positive energy, emotion, positive expectation and enthusiasm! See how it feels to talk this way. If you talk negatively about yourself, replace with new positive emotion and self talk. See how good it feels to talk this way and how you are literally creating a more positive and healthy version of you that expects to achieve the goals that you want! Try autosuggestion to help reshape your mindset to help you reach your goals!

Have a healthy day!


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