How to achieve excellent health? Check out the 7 pillars of health!

How to reach weight loss goals with persistence?

How to achieve excellent health?  Use the 7 pillars a foundation to creating the healthiest version of you!

Check out the 7 pillars here:

  1. Pure, whole, unprocessed food with 50% of intake as produce, non-starchy vegetables and whole fruits.
  2. Clean, pure fluid intake, primarily filtered water.
  3. Daily physical activity with a combination of strength and cardio throughout the week.
  4. Adequate sleep
  5. Social Connections
  6. Fresh air, sunshine, exposure to nature
  7. Moderate stress

If I am having a health concern, I first look at the 7 pillars to see if something in my life is out of balance.  I would estimate that this would account for about 90% of obtaining and retaining excellent health.  Certainly, the 7 pillars don’t account for everything, but they are the foundation of good health.   We also can then drill down further into each pillar to customize guidance for each individual, but these are the basics.

Have a healthy day!


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