Hunger, hormones and weight loss, what’s the connection?

how to lose weight and keep it off? consistency

What drives hunger?

While hunger is complex, grehlin is the main hunger hormone, that is released mostly from the stomach.

As grehlin increases, so does our appetite.

Grehlin can be conditioned based on how frequently we eat. If I eat every two hours, grehlin will be released every two hours as a reminder to find food. If we typically eat less frequently, grehlin will be released less frequently.

It serves more as a reminder system to cause us to look for food when we typically eat it, rather than always a true measure of need. If we eat when stressed or bored, grehlin can be released then as well.

Plan simple meals daily, optimize your environment, substitute healthy instead of unhealthy, among other strategies to reach your goals.

Recognize and avoid self sabotage which can arise when moving towards goals.

Have a healthy day!


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