The power of habits to help you reach your weight loss goals.

The power of habits to help you reach weight loss goals.

Creating and maintaining mini habits is a powerful tool in your toolbox to reach your weight loss goals.

Create habits around meals, food shopping, prepping, packing, exercise, journaling and anything related to your routine.

Habits save mental and physical energy and frankly, make everything easier to do. Anything easier to do, overcomes resistance.

The body has an instinct to conserve energy so mini habits help to override that instinct.

Yesterday, I didn’t ‘feel’ like food shopping. This is a classic energy conservation instinct. When I don’t feel like doing something I need to do, it usually is an instinct to save energy.

Can you identify situations where you didn’t feel like doing something with your health, nutrition or fitness that you needed to do?

If so, this is where tiny habits help us.

Sometimes the habits need to be so tiny all resistance melts away to perform the needed task.

Have a healthy day!


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