Delicious lentil and brown rice soup!


Ok, it was two weeks ago on a Friday night and food was a bit low in the house (as we shopped the Saturday prior).  I had some lentils and brown rice, a few veggies and some other staples, but not much else.  I searched online for a lentil and rice soup and found this delicious recipe!  It fed both our family and our neighbor\’s family as well and everyone enjoyed it!  They brought some sides and beverages to make a fun potluck!  Do you need bread or crackers with this soup?  Since the soup is made with both lentils and rice, having the bread isn\’t really necessary as it\’s fairly hearty as is.  Consider adding some veggies on the side to round out the meal!

Yours in great health!

Kevin Scott Grodnitzky, MS, RDN, CDE, LDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist



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