How to handle a weight plateau or weight gain?

How to handle a weight plateau or weight gain if they occur?

If you hit a plateau or gain, evaluate the cause and make 1-2 changes.  Don’t change everything.  Usually it’s only one or two changes that need to be made.  Often we feel ‘bad’ or have negative feelings if we gain or plateau.  This emotion is a signal for you to make a change, but the mistake many make is changing everything or quitting.  

The key is not to take action on the ‘quitting’ or ‘change everything’ thoughts, but instead simply stay focused and evaluate a few reasonable causes of the gain such as:  eating out more, increasing the fat in your diet, drinking too much alcohol, not keeping your house stocked with the foods you need for quick healthy meals and snacks, not packing your food for on the go  etc.  Once you identify the cause/s of the gain, make the change/s while maintaining all of your other healthy habits.  So you’ll keep 95% of what you’ve been doing and only change 5%.

Remember, you are simply experimenting on a new way of eating, seeing how it makes you feel, how your health and weight changes, keeping data and finding ways to make it simple and easy to incorporate into your life ongoing so you can continue to feel better and live your best life!

Continue to practice the ‘determined’ mindset and literally nothing will stop you!

Yours in great health!


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