Long game part II:  Dealing with slips and not letting them stop you from reaching your weight loss goals for the long term!

What is a slip?  Many individuals slip from time to time, so let’s start by defining a slip.  What is it?  Slips are a one-time occurrence when we eat a meal or snack that we didn’t intend to.  Other examples include having desert after dinner when not intended, chips for a snack, eating out for lunch instead of packing it, missing a workout, or simply overeating until uncomfortably full.  While some individuals get right back on track, others stay off track thereby derailing their healthy habits and healthy behaviors and possibly causing a weight regain. 

What to do during a slip?  During the slip, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.   We can strive to limit the slip as it is occurring. For example, if we start overeating or eating something less healthy, we can aim to stop the slip as soon as we are able. The point is that in many situations, slips can be minimized as they are occurring, and that it’s not an all or nothing. This is a mindset shift for some.  How do we limit and stop the slip as it is occurring?  A few suggestions:  1. Wrap up and put away the food.  2. Leave the environment where the slip is occurring, such as the kitchen.  3. Substitute something healthier such as a fruit for sweets.

What to do after a slip?  First of all, after a slip, get right back on track the next meal or snack!  That’s it!  Keep it simple!  Yes, it’s not the slip that’s the issue for many, but rather, what happens after the slip.  Getting right back on track ensures that a slip is only for one occasion instead of days, weeks or months.  Habits (a strong key to success) can be maintained after slipping once, however, slipping for days or weeks, can weaken or break healthy habits, which is vital not to do.  Then, brainstorm the possible causes of the slip and set a plan for the next time you are in that situation to put you in a better position to succeed.

Say no to guilt!  If overeating or less healthy eating occurs, aim to let go of shame, blame or guilt if those feelings arise. We notice the feelings, but we strive to let them go, move on, and focus on strategy and planning instead.

Pre planning: Preplanning for future situations can often prevent or minimize slips by packing food, skipping the take out, not buying certain foods, etc.  Lastly, if there were no alternatives in a particular situation, we simply chalk it off, and let it go! 

For long term results, the take home message is:  If you slip, the next meal or snack, get back on track, and strive to nip the slip in it’s tracks, letting go of any guilt!

Have you ever let a slip, derail your progress and revert to previously less healthy habits?  Are you ready to create an action plan to help you reach your health and weight loss goals?  If so, feel free to reach out to me at kevin@nutritioncc.com or schedule a 15 minute free phone consult at nutritioncoachingcenter.com/schedule. 


Yours in great health!

Kevin Grodnitzky, MS, RDN, CDE, LDN


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