Long game part III: Dealing with negative feelings and how to stay on track, despite any setback?

Have you ever let negative feelings cause you to halt a health, fitness or weight loss program?  If so, here are 3 tips to stay on track during any challenge, despite how you feel, to keep you in the game for the long term and get the results you want!

How do feelings determine our actions?  If you are striving to lose weight, have you ever had a time when you either gained weight or plateaued?  If so, how did that make you feel?  If you felt ‘bad,’ this is not unusual.  Feeling ‘bad’ is a human instinct to encourage humans to change their current course of behavior.  ‘Good’ feelings encourage humans to continue their specific course of behavior, whereas negative feeling discourage us from continuing our current actions.  However, letting ‘negative’ feelings drive our actions is not always the best course of action.  Particularly if those feelings drive us to quit or give up.  Yes, we may have had a slip or setback.  However, do we quit the program, stop striving to eat as healthy as possible, stop prepping, packing, preparing, journaling or something else?  Of course not. 

How do we then handle negative or ‘bad’ feelings in response to a temporary setback?

1.       Practice mindfulness.  Instead of quickly acting on those feelings, instead, simply notice the feelings that are coming up and observe them.  Instead of making a quick or a hasty decision, observe the feelings for what they are, thoughts and feelings, and that they do not determine the actions you take next.  

2.       Strive for 5.  Aim to change only 5-10% of your program.  It’s highly possible that only 1-2 changes need to be made to get you moving in the right direction again and losing weight.  Changing your entire program or quitting short circuits some of the habits that you have created, which are a key foundation of your success. 

3.       Aim for growth mindset!  Instead of letting setbacks and negative feelings drag you down, let them fuel you!  A growth mindset embraces challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, getting you closer to your goals!   

Most individuals have had a weight loss plateau, a slip, or setback along the way.  This is a normal and an expected part of the journey.  These are learning opportunities that actually bring us closer to our goal as we make slight adjustments and move forward.  My clients, over the past 20 years of helping individuals lose weight and keep it off, who stay calm during the storm, slip, setback, plateau, and learn from each situation, and continue moving forward towards their goals, have the best results!

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