5 Meals to Success?


5 meals to success?

Do you have 5 simple to prep meals with 50-75% vegetables or fruits that are part of your routine/daily intake? If not, it’s worth creating. You may already have your 5 now, or just need to add a few.

One key to long term success? Collect your 5 simple repeatable meals that make up the bulk of your meal plan/routine and mix in variety as needed. You can tweak your 5 meals and switch out a meal as needed, as well as use different spices, fruits and veg in those meals to increase variety.

Is that all you can eat? Will you get bored? You can mix in variety as needed. I have some clients who keep meals very routine and others include more variety. Me personally? I like keeping meals routine for breakfast and lunch which makes it easier to shop, prep, pack and basically stay on track. I have 2-3 go to dinners that i can prep easily. Variety is mixed in a few dinners per week. Customize this so it’s right for you, but keep things simple for success!


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