Does the body self heal?

Did you know that the body has incredible self healing capabilities? Yes, it does! Throughout each 24 hours, our cells are constantly striving for homeostasis (balance) with an influx of nutrients and then a removal of waste products. We know if we have a cut, our body will clot, create a scab and self heal. In addition, our liver detoxes, the kidneys remove excess nitrogen and other liquid waste products, the lungs remove excess CO2, the intestines remove excess bacteria and food waste products, and each tiny cell constantly brings in nutrients and oxygen and removes waste products as well. How do we maximize health and enable the body to properly eliminate waste and self heal? It all starts with a healthy diet rich in fruits and non starchy veggies, low in animal fats and real whole foods that nourish our cells and maximize nutrient intake while minimizing the unhealthy foods. Have a healthy Friday!


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