The successful weight loss mindset?

Making a committed decision to strive towards and achieve your health and weight loss goals is an essential step in your path to success. Those who lose weight and keep it off are committed to reaching their goals and don’t allow any obstacles or setbacks to get in their way. You have to be mindful that our subconscious minds may look for obstacles as a sign we should stop moving towards our goals. The obstacles could come as a weight loss plateau or temporary gain, stress, travel, medical, or other challenges that may come up throughout the year. We may have self doubt or negative self talk. Ignore any negativity or self sabotaging self talk should those thoughts arise. That’s right, ignore any thoughts that are not bringing you closer to your goals. If I have have negativity, I notice it, but move on from it towards achieving my health goals. Engage in positive self talk and have the next healthy meal or snack. Over time, you start to step into the healthiest version of you and positive self talk become the norm. You can and will reach your goals, be persistent, and let nothing deter you! Have a healthy Monday!


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