Is it a diet or a process?

Is it a diet or a process?

Happy Monday! What are your health goals? How do you envision your healthiest and fittest self in your life at this time? Take a few minutes to think about and picture it.

Tip of the day? You are getting healthier, stronger, more fit every day! It’s a process, not a diet. Yes, nutrition is part of the process, but it’s a process of continuously moving towards your goals, ignoring any self sabotaging thoughts that may have derailed you in the past, and making micro adjustments along the way as needed to reach your goals. It’s a process of small, continuous improvement daily, creating habits, journaling, 50% (plus or minus) fruit and non starchy veg, eating whole foods, learning from successes, slips and challenges, eating and exercising for health and longevity, all which move you forward towards your goals. It’s a process, not a diet. Have a healthy Sunday! #nutrition #longevity #weightloss #optimalhealth


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