How much exercise to do for weight loss? (and…2 bonus tips for weight loss)

How much exercise to do for weight loss? (and...2 bonus tips for weight loss)

Tip 1: According to the American College of Sports Medicine, higher levels of weight loss occurs with more physical activity. Exercise can be moderate, such as stationary cycling or walking or something else, 250 or more minutes for the week. This is 35 minutes or more daily. However, it’s not all or nothing. There are days I do 5 minutes of exercise and other days 30-1 hour or more, anything to maintain the mini habit. I have a mini habit for exercise that has lasted 22 years and counting and it all counts.
Tip 2: The American Diabetes association recommends that after weight loss goals are achieved, to participate in a weight loss program at least once per month to assist with maintaining lost weight. Higher frequency weight loss programs, with two or more visits per month, are beneficial during those actively seeking to lose weight.
Tip 3: Do you eat on the go, in front of the TV, standing by the counter or elsewhere out of the kitchen? Does being seated at the table in the kitchen help you eat more healthfully? If so, think about setting a mini habit to only eat at the kitchen table. It’s a habit I strive for and it helps me better listen to my feelings of hunger and fullness. I am not perfect with it, but it’s progress not perfection.


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