Make changes with tiny habits?

Make changes with tiny habits?

Do you ever slip more often than you would like with eating healthy, overeating, exercise or something else? If so, the book below is an interesting read on modifying behavior.

Tiny Habits book, Dr. Fogg, behavior model. Behavior = motivation + ability + prompts. If the motivation to do something is there, and so is the ability, looking for a variety of ways to remind yourself (prompts) is the first step to get something accomplished. Prompts or cues are simple, but powerful ways to remind and encourage us to do things. Example= I used to pack my lunch, but a few times left it at home. Then I decided to put my lunch bag in front of the door with my briefcase to see it before I left. That worked. It may take a few attempts to get the right prompt that works sometimes. If the prompts are there, then ability is next. Can we perform the task? If not or not sure, learning to do the task is next. Also, motivation. Finding reasons to complete a task is the next step. Interesting book by Dr. Fogg and worth a read. Have a healthy day sprinkled with tiny habits .


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