All or nothing vs. mini habits?

All or nothing vs. mini habits?

Good morning! Mini habits vs. the all or nothing mindset, which has worked better for you historically?

For me, mini habits has been a very successful tool to maintain a 30 lb weight loss. All or nothing tends to be less successful for most individuals. On a diet, off a diet, good or bad, willpower or not. Creating tiny habits with prompts and cues is a powerful tool for behavior change with compounding results over time. For example, 5 minutes of exercise may lead to 20 minutes to 1 hour. Putting the first food entry into the journal usually leads to completing the rest. Pulling out the veggies from the fridge usually leads to making the salad. Whether your willpower is low, medium or high, starting a mini habit is easier than tackling a huge task. Then, obstacles and barriers melt away and tasks get completed.

Mini habits allow us to have mini wins throughout the day building up feelings of confidence and positivity which is important for long term success. For example, If someone has a week where their weight was stable, having multiple mini wins daily allows us to still feel good about our progress. Then, we make 1-2 small changes to assist with weight loss and test out utilizing a process vs. an all or nothing diet. We maintain 10 plus mini habits daily and simply tweak 1-2 that may need an adjustment.

Avoid the all or nothing mindset as well as guilt, shame or blame. Mini habits with cues and prompts build mini wins and positivity!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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