How to feel full when trying to lose weight? S = W + F

How to feel full when trying to lose weight? S = W + F

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How to feel full? Our stomach stretches, which sends a signal via the vagus nerve to the appetite centers of the brain which signals fullness or satiety. Research shows that the calorie density of a food effects satiety. Foods with more water are lower in calorie density (calories per bite) and more satisfying. Oatmeal is more satisfying than crackers, because it has more water, and therefore has a lower caloric density. Fruits (apple for example) will be more filling than salty snacks due to higher water content. More satisfaction from higher water rich foods = lower caloric density. Strive to include water rich, low density foods as the centerpiece of your plan. In addition, fiber rich foods also increase satiety by increasing bulk. For example, a large salad with a variety of bulky/fiber rich, crunchy veggies contributes to fullness. Lettuce alone is not as satisfying as a salad with cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, shredded cabbage or any bulky veggies you enjoy. Satisfaction (S) increases with high water (W) rich and fibrous (F) foods. S = W + F.


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