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I’ll get started with eating right and exercise after the New Year…

…have you ever said this?

How does it work?

…my take? It doesn’t work.


This plan utilizes an all or nothing approach…

…versus a mini habit-based approach.

I have about 10-15 mini habits each day.

…if one habit slips, I maintain the other 9 plus habits, and repair the one that slipped…

What are examples of 10 daily mini habits? Here are more than 10 that came to mind…

1. Journal food in my app (3 minutes)
2. Exercise (5 minutes to 1 hours)
3. Water intake (drink 24 ounces before noon) and throughout day (this is really multiple habits throughout day)
4. Food shop if needed
5. Prep breakfast
6. Prep lunch
7. Prep dinner
8. Eat breakfast
9. Eat lunch
10. Eat dinner
11. Aim for 50% non-starchy veg at dinner
12. Have fruit for desert after dinner
13. And more…

If you ever catch yourself saying, ‘I’ll start after the New Year…’

…ignore it and stay with your mini habits.


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