6 Top Tips to Handle Holiday Meals like a pro?

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How to handle holidays like a pro?

Special occasions are an opportunity for celebrations, but often more and sometimes less healthy food around.

6 simple tips.
1. If you know what’s on the holiday menu, make a plan ahead of time, such as what you will eat and drink.
2. Aim for 50-75% fruits and veggies. Bring a veggie or fruit platter if possible or even some watermelon, so it’s easier to eat 50-75% veggies or fruits at the event. Skip the chips and aim for crunchy veggies.
3. Skip the deserts. Deserts = weight gain.
4. Limit or avoid alcohol. The less the better. Alcohol = weight gain.
5. Journal food and fitness. Maintain the habit.
6. Weigh self this morning and tomorrow morning so you understand cause and effect.

I actually find it very helpful to take a daily weight to learn which choices cause weight loss or gain. Cause and effect, no shame or blame.

Strive for CIOT. Continuous improvement over time, always learning, and avoid acting on AON, all or nothing thinking.

Have a wonderful day!


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