Can you eat healthy during a kitchen renovation?

How to eat healthy during a kitchen renovation?

Happy Wednesday!

I am going through a kitchen renovation right now.

Here are some thoughts about how to optimize nutrition during this time.

I have a separate ‘kitchen/eating space’ set up in the dining room.

Still have a refrigerator to use, but no kitchen sink or stove.

It takes me back to my NYC days when I lived in a studio apartment with a kitchenette (aka, tiny kitchen and part of the main room).

Here are my 3 tips to eat healthy during a kitchen renovation or lack of a kitchen if that ever occurs:

  1. Embrace ‘no cook’ meals:
    1. Fruits, salads, nuts, seeds, avocados, boxed or canned beans or other proteins.
  2. Aim for salad places that Nali Fresh, Chopt or others if buying lunches out.
  3. Strive for Chinese restaurants if eating dinner out whenever possible for the BEST veggies!
    1. Get steamed mixed vegetables without the sauce.
    2. With or without brown rice.
    3. Steamed proteins (Tofu, Chicken for example)
    4. If you get the sauce, get it on the side and drizzle it on.
      1. Or better yet, use your own condiments!
      2. My favorite 3 are sriracha, Braggs Coconut Aminos and Yellow Bird Serrano.

Lastly, enjoy the simplicity of it all!


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