Can you lose weight eating more plants?

Can you lose weight eating plants?

Can you lose weight eating more plants?

The answer is a definite yes?  The data actually shows from a population standpoint, that those eating the most plant foods have the lowest BMI, and those eating the least, have the highest BMI.

Can you eat any plant and lose weight and get healthier!

Yes, and the edible ones preferrably 😉
  • All fruits are ok?  Yes!
  • All veggies are ok?  Yes!
  • Whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and avocadoes are all also ok?  Yes!
  • I eat any fruit that I want (sweet tropical like mango or pineapple and bananas).
  • I eat any whole grain like brown rice.
  • I eat any beans, like garbanzo or black beans.
  • All are great for health and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight!

Do you have to only eat plants.  Not necessarily, but the more plants the better!

The only plant I would limit is spinach as it’s very high in oxalates and may increase the risk of developing calcium oxalate kidney stones.  I learned the hard way ;).

Can you gain weight with plant foods?  Yes, if you eat more than you need.  While most plants are lower in calories overall, it’s definitely possible.  

Strive to make 1/2 your intake each days fruits and non starchy veggies.

Have an awesome day and yours in great health!


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