Dinner at Sakura

Happy Friday!

Does an all or nothing mindset and approach work for permanent weight loss?

No, it doesn’t.  Instead, it leads to weight going up and down.

What works?

Set goals, have a plan, strategize, problem solve and adjust, always moving towards your goals, never quitting.

And…not engaging with any number of self-sabotaging thoughts.

An example of planning for this weekend…

…Tonight, I am going out to dinner with a few families to the Japanese Steak House Sakura.

Sakura provides great entertainment with the hibachi grill, the fire, the chef, the flipping of food…it’s fun!

Ok not quite Broadway, but living in the Burbs, it’ll have to do 😊.

How am I planning?

Every morning, I plan my meals and exercise for the day and this includes weekday, weekend, travel and special occasions.

…and I reviewed the menu for Sakura, picked my meal ahead of time…even told my wife what I plan to order.

Planning works better.

*The last time I went to Sakura (a month ago for my son’s birthday-his pick), my plan was to split an entrée with my wife to reduce quantity and sodium (which is super high at this restaurant). 

…however, she wanted the fried rice…and the Chef put half the fried rice on my plate…which took up three quarters of my plate…and I ate more than I planned.  Why?  Eating fatty, salty foods like fried rice causes the release of dopamine in the brain encouraging us to eat more which I did.

So…I learned from last time…and I am still splitting an entrée with my wife tonight, but this time, I am skipping the fried rice…won’t even have it on my plate.  If it’s on the plate, I am more likely to eat it.  Not on the plate, I am good.  I’ll simply say, ‘no thank you,’ if the Chef asks if I want the fried rice.

That’s my plan.

Planning vs. winging it.

Make adjustments, always learn from experiences, instead of self-shaming for mistakes.

Avoid the all or nothing mindset.  It doesn’t work.


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