Eat more greens to get lean and healthy?

Eat greens to lose weight?

Eat greens and non starchy veggies to get more healthy and trim?


Every cup of greens and other non starchy vegetables- NSV (broccoli, cabbage etc.) average about only 25 calories per cup. Actually, some like lettuce are even less.

And many of the calories are fiber calories which are not absorbed.

Non starchy veggies (NSV) and greens are the lowest calorie and some of the highest nutrient foods on the planet. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, greens and other NSV, may also improve blood vessel health and lower cancer risk.

Greens and NSV contribute to fullness at meals at about 50-75% of the plate.

You can NEVER gain weight from NSV.

Eat more greens and NSV to get healthy and lean!

Have a healthy day!


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