How to exercise when you don’t have time?

How to exercise when you don't have time?

How to exercise when you don’t have time?  Try the 10 minute rule. If you are swamped or have less time or even less motivation to exercise on a particular day, set a mini goal to start a workout for as little as 10 minutes (or even less time if needed). Just to get started and to get over the hump.

Typically, once we get started, we’ll do more exercise. If time is truly an issue, even 5-10 minutes of exercise is much better than none and keeps the habit alive.

I’ve used the mini workout, 5-10 minutes, to keep my exercise habit alive for over 2 decades.

Sometimes, we can have resistance to exercise to setting a smaller goal helps remove the obstacle or hurdle.

Try the 10 minute rule yourself if needed and let me know how it goes!

Have a healthy day!


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