How to get the best weight loss results?

How to get the best weight loss results?
How to get the best weight loss results?

One word?  Consistency.  Staying consistent improves results.  It makes sense.  The more consistent you are week in, week out with food, fitness, and your healthy habits, the better the results you’ll get.  If weekend eating for example, is wildly different from healthy weekday eating, your net weight loss at the end of the week may be lost.

Smoothing out the slips over time and getting right back on track is key after a slip as well.  I used to eat a big box of cookies at one sitting in my 20’s and gradually over time, that didn’t happen, through lots of trial and error and persistence.  Now it’s extra bananas, pineapple or mango for example instead, but it took time.  It took me about 3-6 months to tame my processed sugar cravings.

Another main point is aiming to stay on track despite any and all of life’s events that in the past would have derailed you.

Family, stress, school, work, travel, holiday, medical or any other situation that can bump you off track…don’t let it. It’s self sabotage.

We may get a thought like, ‘I can’t do this right now because of…any number of reasons.’ Don’t buy those thoughts. That’s what causes many to stop losing or regain weight.

Stay consistent with your habits 12 months per year.  Make the habits imperfect (when you don’t feel like doing them), but keeping the habits is the most important thing.  I may workout 5 minutes or an hour, but both count towards my daily exercise goals.

That is the key.  Strive to stay consistent and maintain the habits.

Have a healthy day!



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