How to handle nutrition slips to STILL reach your weight loss goals?

Want to achieve weight loss results with less time and energy?

I struggled with yo yo dieting in my mid 20’s:  High protein, low fat, Fit for Life, the Zone and a host of others.

Once I found the power of habits combined with a specific goal, it helped move me away from all or nothing and towards a sustainable approach.

What are habits?  Habits are specific actions repeated over and over that ultimately require little to no thought to perform as they become mostly automatic. Once a habit, actions move from the conscious to the subconscious mind.

Once an action moves from the conscious to the subconscious mind, less mental and physical energy is required to complete it. making it much easier to maintain with less resistance.

You probably have a number of habits throughout your day already connected to a variety of actions such as driving, brushing your teeth, etc. Creating habits are a major key to your success. Create habits with prepping, packing, exercise, your meals, food shopping, simple journaling and more. Habits are the key to easier weight loss.

Losing weight and keeping it off requires the formation of a few simple habits including weekly food shopping, daily prepping, eating healthy meals, exercising, self weighing, among others.

Habits are tiny but powerful engines that once created, practiced and maintained, are powerful tools that keep you moving towards your weight loss goals and if nurtured and practiced, can be maintained for life!

Habits require practice and repetition to become strong, but strength isn’t needed to create and maintain them, just persistence and practice.

Strong habits move thought from the conscious to the subconscious mind. Think of driving to destinations you’ve been to frequently such as the office or other places. Sometimes, we cannot remember how we got there as the subconscious mind mostly took over. Same with habits.

Once I get a habit started (conscious thought), the remainder of the habit can mostly be performed by the subconscious mind. If I pull out the veggies for the salad, the salad will always get made. If I start a walk or run, I’ll finish it.

This is an amazing secret to losing weight and keeping it off. You don’t need a complicated ever changing nutrition and exercise plan. You want simple, easy to follow, meals and snacks that you can create habits with. I have a few regular meals that I can easily create habits with shopping, prepping, packing (if needed) and eating. I don’t need 100 options. This simple routine has helped me lose and keep off 30 plus pounds!

Now for those who want more variety, that can be included, but it will require more time, energy and new habit formation. You could create a habit to make one to two new recipes per week that over time becomes easier to do if desired.
This program can be flexed to include more variety, but keeping it simple by creating and maintaining habits around everything you do is crucial to losing maximum weight and keeping it off by keeping things simple. Creating habits = maximum weight loss.

You too can use the power of habits to reach your goals!


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