How to improve gut health?

Fiber for weight loss

Another reason to eat whole, plant foods instead of processed flours and sugars?

Whole plants such as fruits, vegetables and beans have fiber. Processed foods such as white flour and processed sugar products don’t.

Whole plants and the fiber included feed the good bacteria in our colon.

The good bacteria grow and keep the bad bacteria in check.

If we don’t eat enough fiber, then even the good bacteria can cause problems as they eat the mucosal lining in our colon which is a protective barrier.

Eating more fiber, is highly protective to our microbiome and overall health.

The greater variety of plants you eat, you feed and grow a bigger diversity of friendly bacteria.

Some individuals also lose more weight with increased fiber as it contributes to fullness, reduces appetite leading to weight loss.

Most of us could benefit from eating at least 25-30 grams of fiber per day, whereas others may need 35-50 grams or more.

If not used to eating a lot of fiber, then start slow and build gradually as it can take time for some to be able to tolerate extra fiber.  Others no issue at all.

Have a fiber rich day!


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