How to keep the weight off after weight loss?

How to keep the weight off after losing it?
Check out this review from pubmed:
A few practical tips?
1. Patients should strive to continue setting goals with weight even after losing the weight.  I used to weigh 30 lbs heavier and have worked hard to keep the weight off.  I strive to keep my weight in a 3 lb range and am always clear on my weight goals.
2. Strive to exercise most days of the week as research suggests those who exercise are more likely to keep the weight off.
3. Plan food and fitness 365 days per year in a simple and sustainable way.  Plan for holidays, vacations, weekends and all the situations that individuals gain weight.  Avoid all or nothing thinking such as I am on or off a diet and instead have strategies for all of the situations we find ourselves in throughout the year.
4. Stay in a weight management program long term.  According to the American Diabetes Association, individuals should remain in a weight management program one year or longer to assist with accountability, support and education during the weight loss and weight loss maintenance phases.
Certainly, there are many more strategies than those listed above, but a good start.


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