How to lose more body fat by skipping the late night snack?

How to lose fat by not snacking after dinner?

How I STOPPED SNACKING after dinner and late night which helped me with better SLEEP and FAT LOSS?

I struggled with after dinner snacking for a LONG time.

I would eat dinner, go for seconds and then thirds while cleaning up the dishes.

What did I do the stop snacking after dinner? Here are 6 steps that helped me BIG TIME:

1. LEARN ABOUT THE PHYSIOLOGY OF CRAVINGS. It’s actually not true hunger, but a release of the hunger hormone grehlin.

If you are in the habit of eating after dinner, whether hungry or not, the stomach releases grehlin which starts the cravings.

In addition, willpower is the lowest in the evening, so it’s actually ideal to not to pair eating with the lowest willpower time of the day.

2. MAKE A VERY CLEAR DECISION NOT TO EAT AFTER DINNER. No snacking, healthy foods or not. Stop eating at 7pm for example or by THE END of dinner. Having a clear decision helps TREMENDOUSLY.

3. If having strong cravings AFTER DINNER, have some gum or mints. Not ideal, but can be a short bridge to help you stop snacking. Fruit would be better than cookies or other junk food as well, BUT BETTER NOT TO EAT AT ALL.

4. LEAVE THE KITCHEN. The site of food can start the cravings.

5. ENGAGE in something distracting away from the kitchen such as reading, movies or something else.

6. Lastly, don’t give up if you slip. Be PERSISTANT.

Drop a comment below if you’ve ever struggled with snacking after dinner and IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.


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