How to lose weight and keep it off?

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How to lose weight and keep it off? Consistency.

Over time, the more consistent you get with your healthy habits, eating and exercise, you’ll get more consistent weight loss results.

You’ll improve your weight loss results over time by minimizing the slips, slipping less frequently, making slips smaller and simply by getting more consistent overall.

Weekends start to be healthier as well. Some individuals eat healthy during the week and less healthy on the weekends slowing weight loss, but as you improve weekend eating, overall consistency improves and weight loss results also improve.

Strive to become more consistent over time with CIOT, continuous improvement over time by learning and improving from all slips.

Also, avoid acting on shame, blame, guilt and regret after slips. It’s self sabotage and not productive. If you can get just 1% better every day, results will compound over time!

Strive for greater consistency over time for more consistent results.

Have a healthy and energetic day!


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