How to lose weight?

processed foods and weight loss

How to lose weight?

Step one is to minimize processed foods and beverages such as white flour, white sugar and alcohol.

In the following study:

Two groups could eat as much food as they wanted of either unprocessed or processed food.

The group that ate unlimited processed food, ate on average 508 more calories per day then the group eating unlimited unprocessed food.

508 more calories per day!

Processed foods are simply to easy to eat in excess due to their hyper palatability.

The brain can sense the higher calorie content per bite of processed foods, and the less work involved (less chewing) and can stimulate our appetite to eat more.

Some individuals are more or less prompted to eat more, but for most eating more processed food leads to weight gain over time.

Processed flours, sugars and alcohol should be minimized and mostly avoided to make it easier to reach our health and weight loss goals.

There you go and have a healthy day!


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