How to overcome self sabotage and reach your weight loss goals?

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What is self sabotage and how can it inhibit your ability to reach your health goals without you even knowing it?

Most of us have some thoughs that prevent us from achieving our goals.

These self sabotaging thoughts can be:

  1. I don’t have time to workout etc…
  2. I slipped so I may as well start again on Monday, next week or quit.
  3. I am too old to lose weight.
  4. “I am either on or off a diet.”  All or nothing thinking.
  5. And hundreds of others.

Self sabotaging thoughts are often subconscious and we don’t even realize that they are designed to get us to stop making progress and keep us safe, stuck, where we are.

How to overcome self sabotaging thoughts?

Simply recognize the thoughts and strive not to act on them.

Then think about what will happen if you do act on them.  

My response to questions 1-4 above:
1. Even 5-10 minute workouts are better than none and keeps the habit alive.
2. Next meal or snack, just get back on track
3. I’ve helped 80 plus year olds lose weight, so age is not an issue.
4. Forget the all or nothing mentality…think mini habits instead

If you can relate to having self sabotaging thoughts and need help, shoot an email to:

…and I’ll send you a free training on how to overcome self sabotage.  

Yours in great health!

Kevin Grodnitzky, MS, RDN, CDE, LDN
phone: 301-347-8756


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