How to overcome self sabotage during weight loss?

How to overcome self sabotage during weight loss?

How to avoid self sabotage when trying to lose weight? Essentially, we need to be aware that at certain times during the year, we may have challenges or changes in routine.

The challenges include medical, travel, holidays a plateau or something else. The brain may indicate it’s time to stop moving towards our goals and quit. This is classic self sabotage.

Instead we acknowledge the thought, but strategize and move forward towards our goals instead of stopping.

The research also supports and recommends participating in a weight loss program that includes nutrition, exercise guidance and behavioral support (such at my program) to not only lose weight, but also maintain weight loss after reaching goal weight.

After losing and keeping off over 30 lbs and working with over 4000 weight loss clients, I understand how self sabotage can derail individuals progress and strategies to stay on track.

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