How to overcome sugar cravings?

Fresh fruit instead of sugar?

How to stop sugar cravings?

First, what are sugar cravings?  Essentially, cravings are a stone age reminder system to look for high calories consumed in the past such as sugar.

Eating sugar at a certain time, place, or from a trigger such as stress or emotions, your body will generate a craving to encourage you to look for sugar if the trigger occurs.

Eat sugar every night at 8pm, hungry or not?  You’ll proably get a craving to encourage you to look for sugar.  It’s a survival tool.

How to stop it?  Use the principle of substitution and have fresh fruit instead of processed sugars to untangle the web of cravings.  Any fresh fruit?  Yes, any fresh fruit to provide natural sugars, but with the added benefit of vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber.

The longer you can go without processed sugar, then the cravings will start to slow down and ultimately stop.

Keep it simple, have fresh fruit instead of processed sugar to massively improve your health, lose weight and beat back the sugar cravings.


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