I don’t have time to reach my weight loss goals?

weight loss

Happy Tuesday!

Does this thought ever come up that can sabotage your goals?

I don’t have time…


…exercise, journal, food shop, prep, pack or anything else you need to do?

If so, reaffirm your commitment to your goals and take action!

If I get that thought, I simplify, streamline…but don’t give into ‘I don’t have time.’

It’s tempting to give into it…

…but, it’s self sabotage. It’s not true.

A few tips to use when you get the thought, ‘I don’t have time.”  Here you go:

– Do the action imperfectly (work out for 5 or 10 minutes to keep the habit going, instead of not working out)

– Do the action faster (prep, food shop or pack faster, for example…make it a game, and see how quickly you can get the action done)

– Take the first action step in the process to get the ball rolling (do the first set or rep in a strength exercise, for example)

– Recognize that it’s a form of self sabatoge and ignore the thought.  Figure out a way to do the action anyway.  Think strategically, not all or nothing.

There is always a way to keep the habit going.

There you go and drop me a comment if you can relate 🙂


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