Is Sugar Addictive?

processed foods and weight loss

In my 20’s, I went through a period of time when I was ‘hooked’ on sugar.

Eating processed sweets daily…

…a cookie, chocolate bar, muffin, something with sugar.

Having sugar daily seemed to cause a desire to keep eating it daily…

It felt difficult to break the habit.

I didn’t want to eat it every day…

…but there I was, eating it every day.

I was trying to eat healthier…less junk food and sweets…more real food.

It wasn’t even about my weight at the time.

How did stop eating it every day?

2 things…

I read the book Sugar Blues by William Dufty 2-3 times which helped.

I also used the principle of substitution. Instead of processed sugar, I ate unprocessed sugar such as dates, figs, mangos, pineapple, watermelon etc…

I didn’t go without, just chose a healthier option and eventually…

The sugar cravings went away…

Now, I rarely eat processed sugar…maybe once per month or less.

Not just to maintain a healthy weight, but to be healthy.

It took time for the cravings to go away…

I don’t recall how long it took…a few weeks to a few months…

…but they eventually did. 😊

picture of different types of sugar
Is sugar addictive?


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