Is willpower the best strategy for weight loss?

Does willpower work as the primary strategy to stay on track with healthy eating and losing weight?

While some willpower can help, using a variety of strategies other than willpower are equally or more powerful.  I personally lost over 35 lbs and kept it off and find willpower to be fleeting and not the primary strategy in eating healthfully and staying on track.  Here are a few of my top ones:

1. Have a simple meal plan and routine- create habits instead of all or nothing.
2. Create a healthy environment – keep junk food out of house or at least out of site at a minimum.
3. Use healthy substitutions- cherries for chips for example.
4. Have clear rules around food to minimize or better yet, avoid such as processed sugar and salty snacks.
5. Get adequate rest and sleep to minimize hunger snd stress hormones.
6. Exercise daily.
7. Self monitor by tracking food and fitness.

There you go and have a healthy day!


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