Mini habits or all or nothing for weight loss?

Build habits to lose weight

Strive to create and maintain habits.

Forget all or nothing diets.

Instead create mini habits with every part of your food, fitness and tracking 365 days per year.

Do everything you can to keep the habits alive even doing them imperfectly, faster or simpler when needed.

Most will have about 10 mini habits daily connect to food, fitness, tracking or more as part of daily routine.

I strive to do everything possible to maintain my food and fitness habits.  Sometimes I do less, but it’s easier to maintain habits then stop and start.

For example, some days I have less time or motivation and will do a shorter workout (10-15 minutes), whereas other days, I workout for an hour or more.  Usually, if it’s motivation, after 5-10 minutes, I am in the grove and will exercise longer and complete my usual workout.

I call it the 10 minute rule.  Strive to exercise for at least 10 minutes, and then the resistence is gone, and the full workout usually gets done.  However, a short 10 minute workout still counts for maintaining my daily exercise habit if that’s all that I do.

Have a healthy day!


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