My weight loss story…

My weight loss transformation…

People have said to me many times, ‘You’re lucky, you can eat whatever you want and you never gain weight…’

…so untrue.

I was 30 lbs. heavier in my 20’s and definitely couldn’t eat what I wanted and NOT gain weight. If I eat or drink richer foods/beverages, I gain…the next day and will do so continuously if I continue down that path.

I never had a FAST metabolism as some might say.

Losing weight and keeping it off has always been a continuous process of trial and error, reading the research, testing, keeping what worked and shelving what didn’t…

…on or off a diet never worked for me. All or nothing never worked for me. And…it doesn’t work…period.

I wanted habits, a lifestyle, something sustainable for nutrition, health and fitness.

…with over 20 years in the field…it’s been a learning process.

If I could give 3 mindset tips?

1. Set a clear goal for what you want (health, weight)…and keep setting goals along the way.

2. Skip the all or nothing mentality, it doesn’t work…

3. Be persistent…never give up!

…health, nutrition, fitness and habits are key.


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