Myth: It takes tremendous willpower to lose weight and keep it off.

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True or False: It takes tremendous willpower to lose weight and keep it off?

…my take? FALSE.

Have you ever tried to use willpower to have just one bite of ice cream or one tortilla chip, all while sitting at the table with the ice cream or chips right in front of you?

…I’ve tried having just one bite of ice cream…it never stops at one bite.

Willpower as a singular tool is not the most effective strategy to lose weight and keep it off.

…yes some willpower is needed from time to time…but willpower drains over time and is not an ideal solo strategy to reach your goals.

To make lasting change, it can’t be all or nothing, willpower or not, on a diet, off a diet, highly motivated or not. Those strategies are not practical and in most cases, don’t work with nutrition and fitness long term.

…What’s more powerful than willpower?  Follow GPH-P

Set GOALS, create a PLAN, utilize mini HABITS to power that plan, with PERSISTANCE to never quit.

Goals give us purpose and direction, a plan provides the steps to achieve the goals, mini habits allow for automation to achieve the plan, and persistence provides the mindset to never quit.

…when you have habits on autopilot, they are like powerful engines that drive you towards your goals.

…I used to be on a diet, off a diet, relying on willpower as the main strategy. Weight off, then weight back on. I failed.

When I switched to the formula above, I lost the weight and kept it off. I use the same formula now with my clients.

What do you think? How effective is willpower alone for losing weight and keeping it off?

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