One simple tool to handle cravings?

processed foods and weight loss

What is a simple, but powerful tool to handle cravings?

I’ve used this strategy for years losing and keeping off 30 lbs.

It’s called the principle of substitution.  Eat something whole and healthy instead of processed and unhealthy.

Fruit instead of refined sugar for example.

Have cravings around meal time? Have your regular healthy meal instead.

Strive to eat something unprocessed and a whole, real food instead of the opposite.

At minimum, your body burns more calories after eating whole, unprocessed foods. The body works harder to digest them. The body works less hard to break down processed foods like white sugar and flour products burning less calories.

It’s also healthier supplying your body with more nutrients.

Lastly, you’ll start to untangle, over time the physiological attachments to sugar and other foods when you instead eat real whole foods.

Have a healthy day!


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