Should you try intermittent fasting for weight loss?

Should you try intermittent fasting for weight loss?


There are lots of variations of intermittent fasting and utilizing it for weight loss is a trend.

-16/8 is popular…fast for 16 hours, then eat during an 8-hour window typically 12pm-8pm.  The are other variations as well.  Why intermittent fast?

…the body self-heals/cleans house etc. during a fasting period, including not eating during sleep…and for weight loss, if we don’t eat for an extended period of time, we typically take in less calories for the day assisting with achieving a healthy weight.

However, I find the most valuable form of intermittent fasting, if striving to lose weight, is starting the overnight fast right after dinner, ideally an early dinner, done by about 6pm.  Pair that with starting your first meal of the day when you are hungry.  I typically have breakfast at about 9:30-10:30am these days.

Aiming to avoid late night snacking, grazing on second helpings of dinner, popcorn, chips, deserts, and the like.

Why?   As the day winds down into the evening, our willpower typically decreases.  Our available physical and mental energy declines after utilizing much of it during the day.  Check out Roy Baumeister’s Book, called Willpower if you want to dig in more.

Do you have more energy earlier in the day or 9pm at night?  I certainly have much more willpower and energy earlier in the day and less so in the evening.

…therefore, why pair eating/snacking and decisions about food with our lowest willpower point of the day (night time)?  It’s a recipe for disaster for many.

For some, it’s simply easier to not make food decisions in the evening and skip eating after dinner completely.

…after a while, night time snacking becomes a thing of the past and the new you simply doesn’t eat after dinner leading to better weight loss results (if that’s your goal).


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