The benefits of losing belly fat?

Belly fat

Losing excess weight, particularly excess abdominal fat, can lower the risk of developing a variety of diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancers and stroke.

Losing excess weight can lower elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol/lipids, and blood sugars which all may increase heart disease risk in particular.

Losing weight can also lower excess inflammation in the body and one such marker of inflammation is blood CRP or C Reactive Protein.

Optimal levels of CRP are less than 3 mg/L.

According to the following study:,correlation%2C%20r%20%3D%200.85).

Every 2.2 lbs of weight loss lowers CRP by .13 mg/dl. Significant weight loss along with healthy eating and exercise may lower CRP further.

Consider requesting a CRP test if not already tested at your next doctor visit.

Losing excess weight and losing weight in a healthy way is key for optimal health and longevity.

There you go and have a healthy day!


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