Top 2 healthy food to consume while traveling?

The two most useful foods to not gain weight or when on a weight loss program when traveling?

I call them Double A.

Apples and almonds.

I could find decent apples almost everywhere. And…

Almonds could be found in any corner store and in the airport.

Healthy carbs and fiber from the apples.

5 grams of fiber per apple. That’s 20 calories of fiber that is not absorbed as humans can’t digest the calories from fiber. Each gram of fiber = 4 calories. 5 grams fiber = 20 calories.

Good protein and healthy fats from the almonds.

Almonds are about 180 calories per quarter cup, but research suggests that only about 130 calories are actually utilized by the human body. That’s whole almonds. Eat a quarter cup and save 50 calories.

I find I eat way less raw almonds then salted.

I will eat both, but raw almonds are a more strategic food that doesn’t stimulate my appetite as much.

Double A is the way to go when traveling or at home!

Have a healthy day!


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