Use CIOT Continuous Improvement Over Time To Lose Weight and Keep It Off!

The power of habits to help you reach weight loss goals.

Continuous improvement over time, CIOT. One of my most important mindset strategies. One step at a time, moving towards your health goals.

Pair CIOT with reviewing your specific achievable health goals for one minute every day. Write your goals on a notepad, in a phone note or elsewhere.

Continue to give your brain direction of where you are going. Goals are crucial.

Focusing on getting as healthy as you can as the foundation of my program.

My goal is to get healthier as I age, stronger, more fit. How about you?

My motto…I am achieving FSH- getting fitter, stronger, healthier every day, week, month, year and decade of my life. I encourage you to repeat it daily.

Have a healthy day!


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