Why Peristence is key in reach weight management goals?

How to reach weight loss goals with persistence?
Persistence is extremely important in achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals.

Life happens and challenges may arise from time to time (medical, family, stress, work, travel, holidays etc.). These are not reasons to stop moving towards our goals (as our brain may or may not indicate). Instead we may need to strategize or make some adjustments with food or fitness, but moving towards our goals is essential.

I actually pre frame it by saying no matter what goes on in my life, I will continue to eat as healthy as possible and exercise as best I can.

Why? First, it’s easier to maintain habits, then start and stop, so I may as well continue my habits despite any life change. Second, I also don’t want my health to suffer by eating less healthfully during a life issue or change and potentially cause another future problem. Lastly, life changes are simply part of the process. Things in our life can change from time to time and this is to be expected to some degree or another.

Since great health is the foundation of a happy life, remember and reread these 3 reasons to always move towards your goals, no matter what life changes or challenges arise.

Have a healthy day.


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