What\’s in a slip? How to reach your nutrition goals despite a slip now and again?


Have you ever slipped with your diet and allowed that slip derail you?  If so, your not alone.  Many on the diet \’merry go round\’ have found themselves in a similar situation.  Guess what?  You don\’t have to let one slip stop you from reaching your goals!  Read on to learn more!

First of all, what\’s a slip (in regards to food and nutrition)?  It\’s a one time instance when you overate or ate something that wasn\’t what you intended.  Maybe it was that second piece of desert, or one too many late night tortilla chips and cheese, or some other food that you didn\’t intend to eat or overeat. 

How can we stop a one time slip from derailing our goals? 

  1. Build flexibility into your nutrition plan.  No one is perfect.  By allowing some flexibility in your plan, you may feel more confident in your ability to stay on track. I aim for one to two \’eating out\’ occasions per week.  This gives me the flexibility to have dinner with my family at a restaurant or enjoy a nice meal at a holiday occasion or event without feeling like I\’ve \’failed\’ at my nutrition goals.  This way, if I eat a little \’off my usual eating plan,\’ it\’s actually \’on my plan.\’  So, consider building in a little flexibility into your nutrition plan to help you stay on course! 
  2. Give yourself a break.   We all slip sometimes, and when you do, don\’t be hard on yourself!  We are all human, and it\’s totally normal to slip given the food temptations that surround us.  It\’s what you do after the slip that counts.  Next meal or snack, get right back on track!  Forgive yourself, drop the guilt, and move on.  When diets or workouts are too restrictive, a slip (one time), may turn into a lapse (multiple slips), a relapse or maybe even a collapse.  Not anymore, right?  Next time you slip , brush it off, forgive yourself, and get right back on track!

Yours in Good Health!

Kevin Grodnitzky, MS, RDN, CDE, LDN


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